About Shanghai KaiHong Plaza(Interior)

This is an interior edition of the on-site situation about the repair project of Shanghai KaiHong Plaza following the last time.

It is very rough to make, but it is designed to make the roughness of the detail as noticeable as possible so that it can be endured even if it is rough.

Basically, it is based on wood-based materials and black-and-white monotones that emphasize the warmth and softness of nature.

By inserting a three-dimensional alley and making good use of the semi-external space, we create a pleasant rest space.

And it creates a lively atmosphere outside.

It is the entrance.
Open space
Guide sign of toilet
Corridor part
It is a semi-external space.
Public corridor part
It is an elevator hall.

Another elevator hall.

Opening of the entire business is coming soon.

When you come to Sichuan North Road, please stop by.