Vietnam Binh Chau hot spring resort from the site,Ver2

Two months have passed since the site visit last time, and the site is steadily progressing.

The guesthouse, which is the main facility, is about to reach the completion of the building. The renovation of the SPA Massage building will be completed in a little while.

The Service Station+SPA Pool area is now open.
By preserving existing trees as much as possible and adding new architecture (Service Station/changing room, shower, etc.), hot springs, pool and planting, we have created a more comfortable space in the existing forest.

At Service Station, indirect light from the ceiling lighting creates a semi-outdoor space calmed by soft light. At the same time, it depicts a fluffy, feather-like roof that stands out in the forest. In this visit, I adjusted the lighting direction, which was not so good, so I hope to see the improved effect next time.