Shanghai Japanese Architectural Community;SJAC

From 19:00 on July 10, Igarashi and Ms. Fujimoto of ISOMETRIX acted as secretary, and held a Japanese Architectural Community in Shanghai (SJAC).

It was held with the help of Mr. Ma Wei Dong of Wenzhu International, by borrowing a part of the shared office. It had a capacity of 40 people, but it reached the capacity soon after the application. We apologize again for those who refused to participate.

Also, thank you UDS and AO cafe who prepared very delicious catering for a limited membership fee!

Actually, I had an occasional event like this 15 to 16 years before I just arrived in Shanghai, but it stopped for a long time.

As a guest presenter

Mr. Yutaka Terasaki of Kengo Kuma Urban Architects,

Mr. Yoshinori Yamada of UDS as an architectural planning system,

And we invited Mr. Yoshine Fujimoto, an ISOMETRIX lighting designer as an architectural peripheral designer,

The three-hour exchange party was successfully completed.

It is great to have people from a wide range of fields related to architecture such as Japanese and Chinese architects and major organization offices active in Shanghai, interior designers, landscape designers, lighting designers, art directors and construction supervision experts. I had a meaningful and exciting time.

In addition, we were able to remotely connect with Mr.Umezawa,ourTokyo office and ISOMETRIX Tokyo office on a trial basis, and it was an event that crossed the country. However, there are difficulties in connecting remotely, and I think we need to improve it in the future.

In the future, I would like to connect with Asian Japanese architects I met in projects such as Vietnam and Thailand. We hope that this activity will spread to mutual exchanges throughout Asia and joint hosting of events such as exhibitions.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Ma himself announced the revival of the Chinese version of AU and GA, and a free gift of the architectural magazine “Architecture Practice” newly published by WenZhu International last year. Thank you for your cooperation! This “construction practice” is a magazine of very high quality in China.

I think it will be irregular, but I would love to hold the second one as well. We look forward to your participation! !!

If you would like to participate in the future, please send a message from this website and we will invite you to the group chat of this community.