Visit a tent factory

Last month we visited a factory of a tent company in Guangzhou.

This company receives orders for glamping tents and log houses from a Japanese company.

This factory made a variety of products from general tents to glamping tents, self-build log houses, shelters, etc. It was very interesting.

When I was a student, under the guidance of my teacher, Atsushi Ueno, I was studying the structure of Japanese food stalls as the “ultimate portable architecture”, combining university issues and an article in a magazine called “Modern Architecture.” The stalls also had a variety of rational arrangements and creations regarding storage and movement, but tents and shelters also had rationalization arrangements to use the minimum space.

In particular, various methods such as structural method, self-building method, heat insulation and heat insulation, airtightness, ventilation method, internal partition, etc. have been well thought out.

I learned a lot about using the air film structure and making the cloth double skin to ensure heat insulation.

A large tent type log house of about 120 square meters costs 600,000 RMB.

It is a 65 square meter type with a reasonable price of around 100,000 RMB. Within 5-7 days for 4 construction days.

This is a trendy glamping tent, but the area is about 30 square meters and the construction period is 3 to 4 people in 1 day. The price is about 25,000 RMB

This shelter is reasonably priced at 35,000 RMB and very convenient.

In the future, we anticipate that demand for such areas as resort facilities and commercial facilities, as well as temporary facilities such as anti-virus measures, will increase, so we voluntarily in-house regarding portable construction. We are proceeding with research and development.

I would like to report once after some progress.