Tour the camper resort (RV resort)(1)

Glamping has increased in Japan over the last few years as a new resort facility. With the support of the central government in China, the number of RV resorts is increasing rapidly. Currently, it is said that there are more than 900 locations nationwide, including large and small.

This time, I visited a RV resortst in “Xigenglianxiang” in the suburbs of Nanjing with the introduction of a friend.

I had visited a similar facility in the suburbs of Shanghai before, but I was a little disappointed at that time. However, more than 50 campers were randomly lined up in the vacant lot.

It was built in a lotus park, and although there was room for adjustment, it was created on a small scale to create a slight atmosphere. It will be officially opened in October.

President Zhang, who runs the company, seems to operate similar facilities in several places including the United States. It seems that the camper was originally imported from the United States to China, but now it is produced domestically, and it seems that the taste in terms of specifications is also different.

I stayed overnight, but the inside of the car is really comfortable. The environment was comparable to that of a hotel. It feels a little different from the glamping used in Japan. Glamping is luxurious and you can enjoy some inconveniences in convenience, and basically you can enjoy a living environment that is fused with nature, but camping cars have no inconvenience in living space and are comfortable. RV resorts in China may be a bit unsatisfactory for those who just want to enjoy the outdoors.

Each RV unit also has a grill and stove, so you can prepare your own meals.

It seems that the president himself has driven the car from the factory to this point, but now it is connected to the infrastructure and of course it cannot move freely.

After all, the scenery and clear air that cannot be experienced in urban areas are exceptional.

I hope that it will develop into a more interesting and unique resort in the future.