Tour the camper resort (RV resort)(2)

Continuing from the last time, I visited a RV resort called “XingZhe FangChe” in the center of Nanjing, which is run by the same president.

This resort is located in Zhongshan Mausoleum, the tomb of Sun ZhongShan in the center of Nanjing. It’s a very good access, and I thought it would be a very popular resort if the services, activities and events were well organized.

Several campers are installed around the square.

Reception facility at the entrance.

There are also several types of Tiny Houses, lodges and container houses in the surrounding area.

However, unfortunately, maintenance and cleaning are not done very much.

The RV is also old-fashioned and delicately maintained. .. ..

In the future, while expanding, clients will consider new upgrades. .. ..

I think that if the client does proper planning and design, branding, services, events, etc., an interesting RV resort like never before can be created. .. ..

From now on, this is my expectation.