Continuous proposal competition

The update was delayed for about 2 months.
The proposal competition continued from around April, when Corona was absent in February of this year, and at the end, I couldn’t handle other tasks.
The staff is also in this situation. .. ..

Partner Tochihara makes a model himself. .. ..

One of the six competitions (three of which are collaborative work with Japanese organization offices) is about to be presented, but thanks to you, we have been able to win all the games so far.
I’m glad that everyone’s hard work was blessed.

The outline of the competition is rich in variety such as station building of Shinkansen station and surrounding urban development, university, CBD office block of 6 skyscrapers and high-rise offices, combined development of serviced apartments and commerce and hotels, junior high school, own office building, etc. , I turned my eyes. .. ..

This is the last competition presentation of the year on Monday 22nd next week, and I hope it will be a good result.