Collaboration with school architecture specialists

At a junior high school proposal competition that I participated in this year, Professor Yoshinori Kakino, an associate professor of the Tokyo University of Science in Japan, joined us as an expert in school architecture and proceeded with the design.

In addition to Mr. Umezawa of the Tokyo office, Dr. Kakino also participated in the video conference for each internal meeting to develop the proposal.

Of course, Mr. Kaya, the representative of the new company NSDAt, has also joined us.

I learned a lot from the various opinions, such as the knowledge of Professor Kakino and the support that comes from the depth of my research achievements. It has become a very interesting and aggressive Proposal.

I also belonged to the Architectural Planning Laboratory at the graduate school and was studying professionally. But in China, clients only care about appearance. And I couldn’t make the most of my knowledge at that time. This time, by collaborating with an expert, it can be greatly utilized in design and became the starting point of new ideas. I think it is the content of a new proposal in China as well.

The result is winning.

I would like to do my best in the future so that the current plan can be realized as it is.

This is one of the projects that we are very much looking forward to designing in the future.