A Happy New Year!

Last year was a year of great trouble worldwide. .. ..

Our company, without exception, was in an unstable situation for a while.

We would like to thank everyone who really supported us as we managed to overcome this crisis and grow older with a smile.

As shown in this New Year Card, The new company NissetsuDesign which was based on the Nihonsekkei Shanghai Chief Representative Mr.Kyoto Kaya was established and our company StudioAtmark, The both will joint venture from next year. Then, we will change the organization name to Nissetsu DesignAt First Class Architect Office (NSDAt) and work on the design work.

We are currently in a transitional period of organizational structure, but we will take this opportunity to make further efforts. We look forward to your continued support and patronage.

We hope that Japan, China, Vietnam and the world will be peaceful and happy.