To a printing and binding company

During the series of competitions, we were busy working throughout the office and went directly to the printout company to check the deliverables.

It’s been more than 10 years since I went directly to a printing and binding company. The largest 24-hour printing and binding company in Shanghai, “Dokon”.

Of course, depending on the quantity, most bookbindings will be completed in the morning if you send the data to them before midnight and will send it directly to the client from there. This time, A3 portrait, front and back printing, about 100 pages of binding. 3 books.

In this case, it will take some time because the bookbinding will be done manually page by page.

Nearly 20 years ago, when I first arrived in Shanghai, I often went to a printing company in the middle of the night, chasing deadlines, to check and give instructions. I was a little nostalgic for the unchanging scenery of the room.